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P. K. Roy Memorial College came into existence in the year 1960 to candle the light of knowledge in Koyalanchal, Dhanbad area by a philanthropist Roy family of Katrasgarh. Initially, a humble start, in the year 1977, the college became a constituent unit of Ranchi University and the teaching was up to honours degree in many subjects of Arts, Science and Commerce. Gradually the college grew and established its credentials among its stakeholders and in the year 1984 the college was given permission to start Post Graduate classes in some popular subjects. At present, the college is imparting PG teaching in 13 subjects. Catering to the needs of fifteen thousand students, coming from neighboring areas of Dhanbad and adjacent West Bengal, the college starts in the morning and remains active till late in the evening. Big magnificent old double storey science building, icon of the college, has large, airy, well lighted lecturer theaters, laboratories, General Library, Computer Labs and Language labs that facilitate students in their career building and personality development programmes.



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